Machine learning (ML) projects, when being deployed, also need to pay attention to security and privacy considerations. In this article, we introduce some of the concepts related to security and ways in which security and privacy can be incorporated into ML projects.

Security and Privacy of a software system (including an ML system)

Security here refers to protecting a software system from attacks by malicious hackers and other agents. To make a software system more secure, one has to consider the design of the software system right from the inception and be aware of security considerations in its architecture. In…

In this article, we look at some wearables and apps that can help in meditation and enhancing well being and happiness.

Meditation is as old as mankind. It needs almost no props, save a cushion, some instructions and an intent to meditate, and gives a ton of benefits ranging from increased happiness, stress relief, a better immune system, better concentration, enhanced quality of life and so on. Some might even say it gives insight into the nature of things as they really are.

We live in the technology age, where life is more fast paced than ever before and there…

In this article, we go through the unboxing of a smart ring called Dhyana. It is made in India and available on its own website as well as on Amazon.

How it works

Dhyana smart ring meditation tracker works by measuring the heart rate variability (HRV) when a person is meditating. This gives an indication of how deep is the meditation, how slow is the rate of breathing, how much the subject was mindful of the breath and so on.

The smart ring is fitted on one of the fingers and measures HRV in perhaps as similar way as the…

The Bates method is a method for improving eye vision by following some simple principles and eye exercises. Many people have claimed to have improved their vision by following this method, including getting rid of eyeglasses in case of myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia etc. In this article, we look at some of the principles and how to improve one’s eyesight.

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Principles of the Bates method

In this article, we discuss some happiness tips, taking the help of books about happiness from different cultures of the world. Every culture has some unique ways and means by which people try to maximize their happiness, discover a higher purpose, find simple joys in everyday life, and so on. So we can learn something from each.

Why worry about happiness?

In modern life, we are becoming faster, more efficient and productive. However, we are not much happier on average than our ancestors used to be. In some ways, fast paced modern life actually ends up reducing our happiness. This…

In this article, we analyze the popularity of mindfulness and its problems.

The mindfulness industry

Mindfulness is quite popular nowadays and has become part of mainstream culture. It manifests in multiple products such as mindful yoga, mindful finance, mindful leadership, mindfulness apps, mindfulness coloring books, mindful dog owners and so on. There are multiple courses, journals and conferences in mindfulness, and it has been adopted by a number of organizations and institutions such as hospitals and schools. The global market in mindfulness apps alone is projected to touch $2.1 billion soon.

A selection of mindfulness products

Looking at it one way, this is a positive…

In this article, we discuss the main happiness hormones and how to improve our well being with the knowledge of them.

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What are hormones?

The human body works with the help of chemical messengers called hormones. These hormones regulate different functions of our body, such as the heart rate, alertness or breathing rate. They can have different effects, such as making us more alert to face a perceived threat or enhancing our wellness and happiness in case there is a positive trigger such as someone hugging or praising us. Each of the hormones has specific triggers, which are internal or…

In this article, I touch briefly on some scientific views on consciousness and how to keep mental well being

Parts of the brain said to be responsible for consciousness

What is consciousness?

The first question for us is: what is consciousness? What is the difference between a dead man and an alive man? What is the difference between a rock and a mammal? What is the difference between an unconscious person and a conscious person? Are plants and simple creatures like amoeba or jellyfish less conscious than humans? Or are they not conscious at all?

The above questions have a variety of answers. Some hold that consciousness has something to…

In this article, we overview HTMs and their applications, and why it might be the next big breakthrough after deep learning

The problem with deep learning and other existing ML models

AI research, especially deep learning (DL), has got impressive results in many fields such as computer vision, speech, NLP etc. But they have not been able to replicate human learning and intelligence. Existing ML and DL models cannot generalize, they need a number of training steps, etc. The problem is that such models abstract out some important biological components: for example, they treat the neuron as a point and…

In this article, we discuss methods for emotional healing, using wisdom from a few different fields.

All of us have experienced ups and downs in emotions in our lives. Some of us let the negative emotions take control of us and become stressed or worse. But there are ways to heal our emotions, to come out stronger from whatever traumas we have experienced. Below we consider a few ways for healing.

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Dissociation from traumatic events

If we have experienced a traumatic event in our lives, we often play it vividly again and again in our minds. …

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