A List of my Favorite Mindfulness Apps

Joy Bose
3 min readNov 7, 2022

In this article I list a few of my favorite mindfulness related Android apps, windows apps, Chrome extensions, etc that I have installed and use.

These include Android apps, Windows apps, Chrome browser extensions and Windows Games.

Android Apps for Mindfulness and Meditation

There are a huge number of mindfulness related Android apps including Smiling Mind, Medito, Omvana, Bliss, Mindfulness App, MyLife, Reimagining the Examen, Buddhify, Calm, Stop Breathe and Think, Waking Up. Another three are Headspace, Buddhify and Calm.

Most of these apps have various forms of timed and guided meditations.

Mindfulness App. The app itself is named as “Mindfulness App”
Plum Village App led by Thich Nhat Hanh. Contains many Guided meditations
MyLife app. You have to pick your current state of mind, emotions etc for the day and on the basis of it, the app suggests a meditation
Mindfulness app, from UMass Memorial health Care Center for Mindfulness
Smiling Mind App
Insight Timer App
Insight Timer app. It has a huge range of mindfulness meditations covering all aspects of mind and self improvement. Also has a huge community participation, where one can meditate with other people. Insight Timer app. It also has the facility for the traditional meditation with bell and timer.
Waking Up app by Sam Harris
MyLife App
Medito app

Windows Apps and Chrome Extensions on Meditation

There are a few Windows Apps (which can be downloaded from Microsoft Store on your Windows PC or laptop) and Chrome Extensions (which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store) that are related to meditation. These include Mandala Colouring apps and Mindfulness Bell apps.

Mindfulness Bell website. This will ring a bell every 15 minutes or as per the settings. The bell reminds to come back to the present moment.
Bell of Mindfulness. This Chrome extension rings a bell every 15 minutes, as a way of reminding you to come back to the present moment. Make sure to disable it when it is time for work meetings!
Coloring Book for me and Mandala. Windows app. Downloaded from the Windows store
Calm Sleep Sounds. A windows app that generates relaxing sounds from a variety of sources. Available from Windows store.

Windows Games on Meditation

PLAYNE : The Meditation Game is a Windows game that one can download and install on their Windows Machine via stream. It uses creative visual and gameplay elements to encourage the participants to improve their meditation.

Screenshot form Playne: the Meditation Game



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